People I work with

I have a network of trusted associates, who offer complementary expertise from their specialist disciplines and sectors. In this way, I can offer a client more capability in response to a project’s needs, scope and budget.


Richard Linington is the principal of Experience Research and Consulting  As a people-centred researcher, he uses his skills in ethnographic research to help companies uncover the surface and latent needs of customers and consumers, which are then projected forward into development of solutions that focus on the target audiences who will use them – aligning research findings with business needs. Over the past 13 years Richard has carried out research for a number of organisations including the Design Council, Participle, Mormedi, and Kodak.


Fergus Roche leads One Big Field and is a User Experience (UX) expert. He has over 10 years experience of translating business visions into viable, digital experiences. Fergus has worked at some of the top, award-winning design agencies in the UK: Sapient,Conchango [now EMC Consulting UK], Fortune Cookie, E3 Media, Enable, GraphicoDMG & Yucca and also worked client-side at leading travel companies: and